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Adora Bell About Me:
Twitter:  @adora_belly

About Me:  Thanks for checking out more about me! You being interested in more than just my porn makes me feel so good. Love sharing my personality with new people on the internet and adding a little extra sunshine to your day. Most people describe me as goofy, bright, positive but those who know me in the bedroom know I'm a serious freak. Spank my butt? Yes please. Blowjob in public? Sounds fun! Dirty talk? Always! That's what she said jokes are a favorite and not gonna lie, fart jokes really kill me. Should've grown out of this sense of humor but here we are! Love to laugh and cum. My two most prominent traits.

Always been a horny girl for as long as I can remember. Masturbate almost daily. Wondered about entering the porn world/adult entertainment for a long time but it felt like something unattainable so when I first found camming after spontaneously quitting a salon job where I was getting hit on weekly and taking nudes to post to tumblr it was a no brainer! Started camming in group shows which usually consisted of me, a boy and a girl but from time to time it'd be 2 males, 2 females or 3 females, 1 male. First time eating pussy was a cam show and my first time with two guys was also on cam! It was such an amazing way to try out sexual fantasies I've had and to have people watch which was a huge turn on.

Born and raised in Arizona and so glad to be here! You'll notice a prickly pear tattoo on my calf and will hopefully be adding more reminders of my beautiful state onto my body soon. I've thought about moving just to try living in another state but traveling has seemed more appealing at the moment. It seems every other month I'm on the road meeting up with other models/shooting for websites. When I go on trips make sure to get my snapchat! It's the one place I'm always active plus I tend to get frisky on trips and do more public naughty things knowing that I don't live there so the likelihood someone knows me is much lower :) Feels so great to drive or fly back into my city after being away somewhere new and different to feel that comfort surrounding me. Nothing like Arizona sunsets and storms!

Let's talk tattoos. Almost all my tattoos are thought out a year+ in advance and the few "spontaneous" tattoos are fun keepsakes from trips and friends.

Height:  5'4" (163 CM)
Measurements:  41 - 36 - 45
Bra Size:  38C
Eye Color:  Brown / Hazel
Hair:  Naturally brown/auburn but been a redhead for years and don't plan on changing any time soon!
Public Hair:  Always changing! Love the smooth silkiness of being fully shaved but have an appreciation of my natural hair. Growing out my armpit always makes me feel so powerful.
Sexuality:  Bi-sexual / Pan-sexual
Relationship:  Single
Date of Birth:  March 7, 1994

Astrology:  Pisces baby here! Some positive traits of my sign that fit well are empathetic, creative, understanding/accepting, open minded, intuitive, gentle, wise, dreamer. As much as I'd like to say there are no negative traits these are some of them lul self-pitying, indecisive, overly trusting, resistant to forgiving, overly sensitive. Not super into astrology when it comes to things like daily horoscope but do feel there are certain traits of each sign that people in that sign can really connect to. For those of you deep into astrology my sun is Pisces, moon is Aries, and ascendant in Virgo.

Music Tastes:  My music taste ranges from punk (Blink 182 being the big one) to rap (Megan the Stallion is playing in my brain like 24/7). Grew up listening to lots of "classic" rock like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Shocking Blue, Van Halen, Violent Femmes, B-52's and going to rock concerts all the time! Really hope to make a list of all the artists I've seen since it's pretty surreal how many bands I've seen. Always been someone to wait and get photos with artists or go to small concerts so I'd get to talk to bands which has totally added to my groupie fantasies.


Your ass worship videos are everything. Thanks.