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Welcome to the Adora Bell Official Website!

I'm a goofy girl next door type but with tattoos and a big slut! Love getting filthy in most ways. Very fetish friendly probably because I love to be a people pleaser and this trait also makes me really good at giving you exactly what you're looking for when it comes to custom videos and photosets. This is the one location you can see all of my photosets in full along with videos.

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Cute First Date is Hairy and Smelly

I’m so excited our date went so well since meeting someone in real life after the internet can be weird sometimes. There is something I need to tell you before we start doing things though… I’m super hairy! This is my first date in so long that I kind of forgot etiquette around first time with someone, so I also didn’t like… freshly wash my pussy right before our date. Sorry if that’s gross I just didn’t wanna be weird and do too much! You like that? Oh my gosh! Come over here and eat me then! I spread my legs and let you feast. While you’re nose deep in my hairy pussy I moan and tell you to sniff me, even running my fingers through my bush so I can smell my pussy too. Having your tongue on me makes me cum so hard that I need your cock inside me. Basically, begging for you to fill me up. With you on top of me, my legs around you, my bush around your cock, you start fucking me! I get so wet you can hear it with every stroke. My head and eyes rolling back with pleasure as you put yourself inside me, in and out, making me pant and exclaim “holy fuck” non-stop while my pussy squeezes you. The more we fuck, the more it smells like sex! It makes me even more wild breathing that in mixed with your BO from pounding me. Pinching my nipples and groping my tits I cum all over your cock. Grinding my hips against you I tell you how much I want you to cum for me while looking in your eyes telling you to “smell me while you cum” and my body jiggles as I speed up to milk it out of you. God I’m so glad we went on this date!

Tags: all natural Cum Encouragement Dildo Dildo Fucking Dirty Talk Eating PUssy